Hard Work Pays Off!


Primm-Shane-TUF8-1I started training at Gracie Tampa west to help me prepare for my fights both prior to and while under contract with the UFC. Bamboo set up a remarkable program that allowed not just my skill set to grow, but a cardio regiment that put me in the greatest shape of my life. [read more]

danielI started training at Gracie Tampa West for weight loss and something challenging. I got that and more. I lost nearly 30lbs and found a healthy lifestyle. I now eat healthy and I’m humbled by the experience. [read more]

523953_177778882354452_1809918505_n Bamboo is what I call real sudent of the game, he is always analyzing and improving positions, and he is always there when you neeed help adjusting and tweaking certain parts of your game. [read more]

jerryTraining at Gracie tampa west with Joe “bamboo” Wissman and the rest of team bamboo has been a great experience for me. When I first started there I had been training at other mixed marital arts gyms and my skill set was amateur at best. [read more]

419324_10100734109680268_305229210_n I’ve been training at Gracie Tampa West for about 3 years and 1 month exactly. Prior to here I had no MMA background other than wrestling. I’ve done many grappling tournaments where I’ve placed 1st in all but one where I came in 2nd. [read more]

leigh I have trained at many gyms and have worked with many professionals and I have found Gracie Tampa West to be a wonderful environment to train in. The instruction is phenomenal… [read more]

40455_145970968764290_7297808_nGracie Tampa West, run by owner and head coach Joe “Bamboo” Wissman has one of the very best jiu-jitsu and mma programs we’ve seen. [read more]

314696_10151370329511955_1786583851_nI recently moved to Tampa from Connecticut, specifically to train at Gracie Tampa and learn from Rob Kahn and his amazing staff and students. I met Bamboo just a couple of short weeks after moving down. He invited… [read more]

telly I learned a lot training at Gracie Tampa west. Head instructor Joe “Bamboo” Wissmann has taught me a lot, from the fundamentals and how to apply them in certain situations. [read more]

Arthur Lee Wilmoth IVI joined Gracie Tampa West about a year ago, and the people and training I have received from Bamboo,Trey Martins, Dan Martinez, and Kit has more than exceeded my every expectation. [read more]

Jimmy MyersBeing an All-American collegiate wrestler, I have had the good fortune to be around incredible athletes and coaches. Behind very elite athlete you will find a passionate and knowledgeable coach that puts… [read more]

33576_10150108028073642_7135695_nNo one enjoys being out-of-shape, lazy and un-motivated. Even when people say they don’t mind, they’re lying; either to you or themselves. How do I know this? I was a victim to those things for years and didn’t even know it. [read more]

21541_1320904418223_4403350_n I started training at Gracie Tampa West in June. Initially I was just looking for something else to kick start my workout routine, but what I found was something more. From day one, all the trainers were focused on my learning technique. [read more]

63997_10200123171586409_1260045782_nI started training to lose weight and try something new, I have been more than satisfied with the results. This is the most legit Jui Jitsu School around. [read more]

380407_2555617124373_1993763613_nGracie Tampa West academy is a safe and friendly environment to learn jiu-jitsu and MMA. The instructors provide structured classes for all levels of experience. Bamboo, head instructor, is an elite grappler, and is dedicated to his students. [read more]

736466_10102419847632809_2102172533_oI have trained at dozens of places around the world and none has come close to my time spent at Gracie Tampa with Bamboo. [read more]

243371_4127794725380_428408379_oI’ve had the good fortune of training at Rob Kahn’s Gracie West under Joe “Bamboo” Wissman of Team Bamboo. My military and professional background have given me an intuitive sense for high quality. [read more]

1901428_10201026676749318_7882648620148059817_nI’ve had the good fortune of training with Bamboo at Gracie Tampa West for the past 11 months. Anyone feeling like they want to get in shape, but think it’s too late? I felt the same as you a year ago. I found Gracie Tampa West, and lost almost 35 pounds in about 4 months. I’m in the best shape of my life now and happier than I have ever been.

13164242_868805596576238_9188508989925273186_n Being active duty in the military requires me to travel constantly and over the years I have trained at dozens of BJJ and MMA gyms. Gracie Tampa West is truly exceptional. During my short visit Bamboo Wissman helped my game and conditioning improve substantially. They are friendly and extremely talented. If you are looking for a place to train in Tampa, Gracie Tampa has my highest endorsement. -John Hanson