Jimmy MyersBeing an All-American collegiate wrestler, I have had the good fortune to be around incredible athletes and coaches. Behind very elite athlete you will find a passionate and knowledgeable coach that puts his own ego and personal agenda behind them in an effort to pull every last ounce of ability from their athletes. That statement is Bamboo to a T. His passion for MMA is written all over his face and his teaching is second to none. He is as good as anyone that I have ever seen when it comes to breaking down techniques and teaching to a level that his students can understand. Best of all, he is not a one size fits all kind of coach. He recognizes his students individual strengths and helps them improve with those strengths and then slowly and surely decreases their weaknesses. His school is as good as it gets and he is the reason for that. Top notch coach, top notch school, top notch athletes. This is for anyone and everyone. -Jimmy Myers