40455_145970968764290_7297808_nGracie Tampa West, run by owner and head coach Joe “Bamboo” Wissmann has one of the very best jiu-jitsu and mma programs we’ve seen. This tight knit and very welcoming group clearly have the skills and knowhow to produce some of the best competitors and casual sportsmen in the area. At our grappling tournaments their competitors have the highest win to match ratio of all the schools we monitor, and at the local mma events their guys have some of the most outstanding win to loss records around. As well as the great win to loss stats for Gracie Tampa West, their great sportsmanship shown whether win or lose speaks volumes of the calibre people they are and produce. If you walk into their gym everyone is friendly and helpful, and while on the mat they may school you soundly when appropriate, they’re always happy to explain how, why, and help teach you the skills you need to know to avoid that happening both on the mat for sport or in any other theatre in life you may encounter for safety. -Dan Neuvelt / mmac grappling