Remember why you started.

Remember why you started.

As I looked for the perfect Monday motivational meme for Facebook, I came across this quote:

When You

Feel Like


Think About


You Started

 Why did you start on this journey? What made you decide to come to the gym? For me, it was a good friend who reminded me that my health is the most important thing. More important than family and friends, even. His reasoning, without your health, you cannot enjoy the people in your life or the things you have. That small thought has stuck with me since 2013 when he said it. 

Have I been perfect and on track with my health 100% since? No. Have I quit different workouts and programs. Yes. The difference this time, I always keep going back to something. I keep myself moving so that I will be able to have a healthy mind and body so that I can enjoy my family, friends and opportunities.

That leads into my next question: what makes a program worth coming back to? I have started and stopped so many different fitness programs over the years. Gym memberships. Pool memberships. Cross-fit classes. They did not work for me. When I started at Gracie Tampa West, it was with extreme hesitation. I spoke with the fitness kickboxing coach and explained my hesitations and he told me to try it once. I tried it once and was hooked! It was the combination of the class experience (It is fun punching things!!) and the attitude of the coach. I have never trained somewhere that everything is so positive!

I am getting off track. This Monday morning, I just want you all to remember why you have started on this journey and to keep going! You can find our class schedule here:

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