What are you doing this summer?

What are you doing this summer?

Our second session of summer camp is in full swing. The kids have been going to Wall Springs Park where they are working on their team building while enjoying the Florida sun! In the gym, they have been working on their Jiu Jitsu and kickboxing. Coach Robin and Coach Tony have been teaching some basic striking and helping our summer ninjas to perfect their Jiu Jitsu.


While our kiddos are working hard in Palm Harbor, classes have been packed at Gracie Tampa West. This morning our kickboxing class did some shadowboxing drills with Coach Trey.

We had a huge Jiu Jitsu class this morning.


Followed by a great group of fighters for MMA sparring. We had 2- 3 round matches going on at a time with more fighters in the wings waiting their turn.



So, what are you doing this summer? Come join us on the mats. Call 813-465-9081 for more information.

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