Bully Proof Your Kids

Bully Proof Your Kids

“My daughter is a kind hearted 10 year old who would do anything for anyone. Sadly, this left her open to being bullied. She was tormented by 5 girls in her class for close to 2 years. They made her feel like she was worthless. I know that this is a common theme in elementary schools across the country and my child lived it. Then I found Gracie Tampa West. My daughter is still small. She’s still sweet and kind hearted but now she is also confident and knows that, if someone tries to hurt her, she can protect herself. She can keep herself safe until she can get an adult to help. That is what she learned from training with Gracie Jiu Jitsu.” – a Gracie Tampa West Jr. Ninjas parent

The Gracie kids program focuses on bully proofing your child. We are not looking to train your child to be a bully but how to be safe, if they are that one child. Call 813-465-9081 for more information about our kids program and our Bully Proofing Summer Camp. 

We still have limited space available for Summer Camp.


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      Hi Michelle. I apologize for the delayed response. Please give Coach Tony a call at 727-204-5927 for more information about our After School and Summer programs at our Palm Harbor location. He will be able to give you the pricing and schedules.

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